E. Cintrano en el Bronx Museum of Art NY

Presented by Lady K Fever
The Bronx Museum Project Space
11 Bruckner Boulevard
(at the corner of Lincoln Boulevard)

Launching February 23 at The Bronx Museum's new Project Space, Made From Love explores the myths that surround the graffiti movement. Graffiti as an art movement has transcended age, gender, race, culture, and class, which is revolutionary in a world that finds boundaries with all these issues. From pioneers to inspiring new artists, graffiti writers have been transforming walls in New York and around the world since the 1970's with the intent of creating their work from love.

Artists on view:
Acet, Andreis Costa, Alex Neroulias, Amor, Cap, Ces, Clark, Col, Cope, Diva, Drust, ©EllisG, Esther Sanchez, Erotica 67, Ewok, Fever, Flo Shapiro, Gabriel Garcia, Ghost, Indie, Jes One, Ka, KEL1st, Kem 1, Kool, Kurse, Lauren Adelman, Luz, Med, Madge One, Ovie, Peak, Rath, Ribz, Shiro, SMK, Seik, Sest, Serp, Sife, Smash, Sergio Perez, Swoon, T-Kid, Themo, Tracy 168, Veng, Yes, and Zori